Our aim: to guarantee the best of services in the area of domestic assistance, always attentive to your concerns and ready to meet your needs.

Rigorous staff selection

Nothing is left to chance in the recruitment of our teams.

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Proven expertise

Confidence is a quality which leaves no room for improvisation.

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Simplifying tasks

The aim of our services is to simplify your daily tasks.

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Charges made to measure

The right price, based on equitable time management.

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Phœbus looks after all your events.

“I need a cook for my dinner party on Saturday”

“I need a head waiter for my reception on Sunday”

“I need someone to help with my house-moving”

Host a party without qualms, move house with every confidence: Phœbus is there. Phœbus transforms logistical problems into smooth operations.

Take greater advantage of your life.

Phœbus came into being in 2005, under the direction of Patrice Derville, formerly head of human resources, and Nicolas Desaint, founder and managing director of a call centre based in France.

“We do not devote sufficient time to activities which we enjoy, our family or our friends. This is why I decided one day to set up Phœbus ”

Patrice Derville

“The enjoyment of a job well done is always a source of satisfaction. In addition, Phœbus also offers an increase in free time”

Nicolas Desaint

Our values

Positive attitude

This virtue underpins the discharge of our tasks. Working for our clients with respect and courtesy is an ethos which motivates our whole operation


is the key value of Phœbus. It is expressed in the desire to impart a sense of full responsibility to our teams for the duration of the task in hand . It is also found in the desire constantly to improve our performance.


is essential. Our contracts guarantee a service tailor-made to your requirements, be these regular or one-off, but always geared to your budget.

Quality and simplicity go hand in hand

Both our services and the staff employed come under the control of Phœbus. You therefore have no administrative responsibilities to undertake. As a first step, we define together the parameters of your requirements. This done, you are presented with a team which enjoys our full confidence. At the moment of embarking upon its task, the team sends a personal code to our numéro vert (toll free number). The same is done upon completion of the task.

Invoicing is based on a specific monitored calculation of the time taken. Tasks are carried out between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00. With your agreement, spontaneous control visits are undertaken, in order to guarantee effective execution of work contracted. Finally, an evaluation form will be sent for you to complete in order to help us to maintain a high standard of service.

A scale of charges geared to your needs


€23,00per hour

Equivalent to
€11,50 per hour



€29,00 per hour

Equivalent to
€14,50 per hour


Domestic assistance and the Gift Cheque

You have friends who are moving house. Your children are setting up home and you are looking for professional domestic help.

To answer these concerns, a magic wand will transform your wishes into reality : the Phœbus Gift Cheque!

This cheque, to the value of €140.00 (or €70.00 after tax), represents compensation for 5 hours of domestic assistance (or relocation expenses after the taking of the Departure Inventory) and offers your associates assistance directly related to their relocation needs. This always appreciated windfall is subject to a decreasing charge based on the time taken.

Contact with our staff

You are seeking employment (male or female).

You have previous experience in the area of domestic service or are seeking to obtain a qualification in this area.

You are attracted by fresh experience that will give you access to training and the possibility of joining our teams.

Complete the attached form and send it to us without delay.

Contact us on

Monday to Saturday 07.00 to 21.00, or e-mail: contact@phoebus.fr.